YouTube Update 2020 Important There YouTube Updates 2020


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Important There YouTube Updates 2020

Hello friends, today we will tell you about 3 new updates of YouTube Joe’s YouTube Creator is very beneficial YouTube took this step very nice
For those creators who were very upset, the video is not viral, then it is very good news for them.
YouTube Update 2020 Important There YouTube Updates 2020
YouTube Update 2020 Important There YouTube Updates 2020

Fast YouTube Update 2020

Friends, if we talk about the first youtube update, it is related to our video going viral.
So earlier it used to be that any of our videos are going viral, suddenly the video started going down. We could not fix the reason for the video being down
Luckily we can now make this video viral again
YouTube has now added a new tool inside Dashboard Video Manager With the help of this tool you will know why your video is being Down And optimize your videos SEO

Second YT Update 2020

YouTube says to keep adding stories to your channel daily Because our videos get more views on the story This gives a very high chance of growth of our channel Subscriber.
Inserting a story keeps the interest of the Viewers
Third YouTube Update 2020
Earlier, to promote your YouTube channel, you had to give a link in the description or to subscribe to this channel.
But now things have become easier we can give the video link to that channel in our title

Last Word
The pleasure was 3 important updates from YouTube, if you have proved helpful, please share them. And if you still have any question related to in 3 updates, then comment below, I will surely reply to you



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