Who Is The Owner Of Whatsapp Now Jan Koum Or Brian Acton Best Story


Who Is The Owner Of Whatsapp Now Jan Koum Or Brian Acton


The real story of the person who created WhatsApp 
What was that person in real life and how did he succeed and how did that person also gain fame in the world
Who first created WhatsApp, his name was jan koum,
Jan koum belonged to Ukraine Jan koum was from a very poor family As far as their poverty was concerned They did not even have a blanket to sleep in winter. Used to sleep with trees to avoid winter
Who Is The Owner Of Whatsapp Now Jan Koum Or Brian Acton
Who Is The Owner Of Whatsapp Now Jan Koum Or Brian Acton

Jan koum Jewish The persecution of Jews started in 1992 Jan koum’s mom decides to leave Ukraine And Jan Kaum father refused 


And Jan koum of mom decided alone She packed his and his child’s belongings in books, etc. And both mother and son moved to America California was their new country They did not even have a house there and there was no such thing as food and drink. And started begging Bought my entire circuit with bailout
1-food step fly continuation in the US  There was a bailout from the American government 
To become something in life after being so poor, Jan koum had no option but to study. So Jan koum started studying With the passing of time, studies became expensive. Foodstrap’s bailout made it difficult for him to survive Along with studies, Jan koum who started working as a sweeper
Used to clean toilet windows Keep doing this job for a long time Then he became fond of computer Programming And where it started
Jan koum joins Yahoo company
Facebook came in 2004 And in 2007 Facebook became well famous Jan Koum also applied on Facebook as well But Facebook Jan koum’s work did not set Facebook fired Jan Koum from his job
Then he continued working at Yahoo for a long time
Jan koum had no money to buy an iPhone
The money that was given from home for lunchtime Jain koum started depositing the money In the pocket
Staying at lunchtime, Jancom bought his iPhone proves to be the gold bird for Jan koum
While using this phone, Jan koum used to have a lot of knowledge about the coding languages before.
Jain thought that I should create an application whereby photo transfer or video or SMS. PDF And Any Document


And create an application that no one can hack.  Jan Koum shared this idea with her friend Brian Acton  Jan Koum’s friend also liked this idea And these two friends started doing this work It took them 2 years after Hardworking And managed to build the application in 2009 and launched WhatsApp  This WhatsApp is arguably a secure platform, but 2 billion people of this world
Achieved your success very quickly in this application

Try To Buy WhatsApp


When WhatsApp was completely famous, many companies were trying to buy money by paying money to Jan koum
But jan koum continued to deny
Facebook also agreed to purchase WhatsApp in February 2014
In fact, Jaincom also wanted Facebook to know and appreciate Jan koum’s success.

When the Facebook team appealed to Jancom,

 Jaincom smiled openly and started saying This is the same person who fired me And as soon as he smiled and smiled, he agreed to sell WhatsApp and got a deal in 19 Billion Dollars. But Facebook said that sign the form and come to the Facebook office

But Jan koum was not ready for this  Jain Kaum says that he was food step fly contention Will sign in the waiting room Facebook and Jan koum debate continued for 2 months

After all, Facebook accepted the defeat of Jan koum, was sitting on the back seat of the waiting room and crying and the Facebook team arrived Gave Jain Kom a tissue paper to Clear the eyes And then jan koum signed And became the owner of 19 Billion Dollars
Why did Jan koum ask to sign in the waiting room

Who Is The Owner Of Whatsapp Now Jan Koum Or Brian Acton Last word 

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And there are many lessons in this story that you all should learn Many people get motivated by this story and achieve success




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