What Is VPN And Its Types I Best Article Publishing After Research

What Is VPN And Its Types
What Is VPN And Its Types

what is VPN and its types?

Hello Friends My name is Waseem from Waseem Tech1 Blog
Today I will tell you What Is VPN And Its Types
Many of your friends will be using VPN, but they do not even know what VPN is, I will clear their mind today.

What Is VPN And Its Types.waseemtech1.com
What Is VPN And Its Types.waseemtech1.com

What is a VPN?

VPN is full form version private network This means your own network
If you use a VPN of the UK or US while sitting in Pakistan then Whichever website you visit, your Pakistan IP will not reach there.
The IP of that VPN will be sent to the server of that website, which you are using, you will not get your own IP.

How does VPN work?

This version private network is used in the center of the server of our and our visiting website.
VPN has to be used to visit websites that are blocked in our country.

When you visit the website which is blocked in our country, then our IP address is up to the server of our VPN.

And from there VPN own IP goes to that website

And the server of that website to visit the IP address of VPN because it did not go to our IP

In this way, he takes the data from that Sarver and brings it to you and this is the work of VPN.

And you easily get access to that blockade website using with VPN

Can VPN be Used for Hacking?

I will tell you not to do hacking Because it’s not good
And if you have got into this affair then I would say never use hacking VPN

Because by using a VPN, you get access to the blocked website but you are not completely secure.

Now the question is arising in your mind that our IP address will go to them or else who will be able to trace us

I answer that if you do wrong to someone Then it will trace that IP address to reach the server of that VPN

And your data is being saved in the VPN server From there you will know which website you have visited at what time

And after getting all your details from VPN server you will be traced

In this way you can also be caught before doing any hacking, keep in mind that you can be pressured

Do hacking by using a VPN?

Those who start hacking with BASIC will Maybe use a VPN

And the professional hackers use the To Browser Hacking happens in tor browser, you should never use the tor browser, otherwise, you can be hacked.

Last Word

I hope you have liked this article of ours, if you have liked, please share it and if you still have any question related to VPN, then comment below, we will surely answer you.


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