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What Is DNS Server?

The full form of DNS is the Domain Name System/Servers
DNS server work only happens IP Domain Names Providing
How To Use DNS Server
the Page Read this post to know all this.
DNS Server,Domain Name System
DNS Server


How The DNS Server Works

When we change the domain name of our website If the applicant opens the website then he is not It is very open in just afore/few hours
The main reason for this is that the DNS Server IP address updated. When an IP address updates with the DNS server So the website opens up
Every website has an IP address
And every website that is located near the IP Address  DNS Server tank 
The IP address is in the form of numbering 
As an example
Every website has an IP address in place of this numbering 
After changing the Hosting  and the 
DNS server is present only 
When we visit any website Then the responsibility of DNS Server is to give it to the IP Address system and the system can open the website.  
For whatever website we create, we also do web hosting, you know In that web hosting we are provided an IP When we provide that IP, it updates the IP DNS Server.
The websites of the entire world are present with the DNS Server
For example
We open www.google.com from our Chrome browser Wherever DNS server works in the system, Google’s proved  to Google Chrome browser
We did not know the IP of Google Therefore DNS Server helps us
Converting IP to Domain Name Server.
DNS Server,Domain Name Servers
DNS Server

DNS Server Problems

When you open a website, you get to see the DNS Server problems
The reason for this is that DNS Server does not have the IP of that website 
To find the IP of any website Google has given a local IP address 
  • Open your Computer
  • Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork and Sharing Center
  • And later /Change adapter settings
  • And Right-click your network
  • Then click on Properties
DNS Server,Domain Name Servers
DNS Server

Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPV4

Select this option And then click Properties
Next Page
  • Use the Following DNS server address
After that, set Google local IP Write
And click here to OK
your DNS Server problems solve

DNS Server Update IP

When you change your server, its IP itself changes very much, so DNS server also gives the problem Whenever anyone searches on your website, they get help because of DNS Server 

to update IP It takes about 24 hours 

After that, your website will come to the IP DNS Server and then anyone will search your website, then it will show IP your new Domain Name Show.



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