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VLC for Android

What is VLC?

VLC is a video and audio player open This player is compatible with Mx Player for Android Defence 

VLC for Android

VLC How to download the player

First of all you down By clicking the button Download this VLC player from the Play Store You have to give this option to anyone who will ask you for an option to install in your mobile. This app will tell you by yourself how you use and the volume of this play on the right-hand side Is fast And the volume on the left-hand side The volume goes slow

VLC Player Working option
VLC Player when you install and open it for the first time So this automatic option will give you all the Any video can also run double audio in it  make on the display when open Slide up the right side to make the volume up
To lower the volume and slide down on the right side
Slide up and slide down on the left side according to the volume if you want to reduce the brightness. 
With this player, we can shoot photos from any video 
And you can also The record  your favorite clip from any video 

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