My Life, My Job, My Career: How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021 Helped Me Succeed


How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021

Hello Friends,
Today we will teach you off-page SEO 8 tips & tricks
With the help of 8 tips and tricks, your website can come on the first page ranking.

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2020,
How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,1)

Create maximum do-follow backlink with guest posts for your website Perhaps you know, backlinks are very helpful in relieving your website with guest posts.

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,2)

Whenever you write a post, share it on Pinterest and Quora And Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Or, share your posts on all social platforms It will be beneficial when sharing your post on social media, it will also generate a Backlink from your website

By the way, if you see that backlink you are not going to Do-follow, you should make No-follow backlinks on your website.

There is a lot of demand in Google that if there is a Do-Follow Backlink on your website, then there should be a no-follow backlink.

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,3)

Index your website link into Google search console And carefully set up the sitemap in the search console Whenever you write a post, index it in Google’s search console. For 5 to 10 minutes, your post will be indexed in the Google search console. The maximum time to index any article is 24 hours.
If you want to check whether your article is indexed in Google search console or not
For this, copy the link of your post and open Google and enter it in Google’s search bar and search it.
If your same article appears on the first page, then understand that your article has been indexed in the Google search console.
And if that article is not showing, something else is coming in its place, then understand that your article has not yet been indexed in Google Search Console.
For this, you can request to re-index your article in the Google search console.
If you do not try to index again, then this Google search console will automatically index your article and will give you more time

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,4)

Optimize your website page speed
Because if your website page speed will be very slow
So in such a situation, Google will never allow your website in ranking until the page speed of your website is increased.
To increase the page speed, use the web hosting that has SSD Use.
Because SSD has very high speed and will open your website very quickly to the user
This will greatly increase your page speed and will put your website on the top page of Google
Keep in mind that the same tips are not enough to do such a plan. There are many tips for this, which have to be balanced and taken together.

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,5)

Use AMP on the website
If AMP is active in your website, then your website is available on every mobile or tablet I will open properly
As you know, the user of the mobile is very much in this world This will increase traffic to your website and Google will also help your website in ranking.
If you are a WordPress user, then you get the plugin for your AMP, install it, and AMP will be activated in your hosting.
If you use Blogger it is no different for him, it requires more coding which the normal man cannot do
In all respects, AMP is a very powerful method for your website.
Always keep AMP active on Your website

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,6)

Whenever you write a post, it must be indexed on the free web submission website or on the Pingo Matic website.
You will benefit from this, which is a free web submission website, there are 50 search engines, in those 50 search engines, your post will be indexed.
This will also help in increasing the ranking of your website.

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,7)

Create an Android application for the website and place a link to that application on the home page of your website and have your user install it
This makes a user’s brotherhood increase and your website traffic too much increases.
If the application is installed on the mobile, then everyone will open it
In such a situation, traffic will increase for your long time

How 8 Simple Latest SEO Techniques 2021, (No,8)

This last method is not free, I have started telling this tree method.
Many people provide PBN service on fiver and  freelancer and also on any platform
From there, get the PBN backlinks created for your website and adopt a high authority method for your website.
A private blog network is a full form of PBN
PBN backlinks Rank your website very quickly
Last Word
If you have an article that will help, then share it and if you have any questions related to the off-page SEO, then comment below, we will surely give you the answer.



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