How dangerous is the Dark Web?


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How dangerous is the Dark Web?

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today we will tell you what is dangerous is the dark web and what is deep web and other information related to the dark web and deep web


In this article, all this is covered with complete detail, please complete full read. this article

How dangerous is the Dark Web
How dangerous is the Dark Web

What is the dark web?

If you are aware of basics related to the dark web, then you must have heard from many people, there are jennies on the dark web and a lot of room is constipated and there is nothing I am going to clear you.

Friends, it never happens that you are running in the dark and a Jinnat has placed a hand on your shoulder or you have seen lighting or anything, my brother, it happens in the dark web computer.

Think yourself and tell us in the comment box that it may happen that something is going to come out of the computer and harass you.

Yes, I want to tell you that there are many illegal works on the dark web

What’s wrong with the dark web?

This heading will give you some options related to it, you can read it by knowing that it is a very short option, moreover, a lot is done on
the dark web.


  • Deals to sell drugs
  • Hackers can rob you of your money
  • There is also planning to kill
  • Your privacy is earned by selling money
  • Many ransomware  viruses are available on the dark web 
  • Horror pictures are shown to stress your heart
  • You will not forget these pictures all your life if you see them
  • And apart from this, horror movies are also shown to attack your heart.

This is the wrong thing that came to my mind while writing articles. Apart from this, many hackers use the dark web. They find different ways to do the wrong things from the dark web.

My aim is to tell you that you should never think of using the dark web If you have a login to the dark web, then understand that you are never secure, even if you do by mistake, never write your name true and do not put your address on any website.

If you are making some wrong bill on any website, do not enter your address and name address ever real, because you can be tracked, By blackmailing they will take money from you.

Many people who went to the dark web say they can’t come back

I want to answer this That there are no handcuffs on the dark web or any block room that will lock you up. You can come back but can’t clear your mind

The old Jinnah pictures and videos of you will be shown horror videos are never going through your mind, that’s why people say it’s hard to come back from the dark web
This thing is right

Because if we delete a file on the computer, then it gets deleted on the computer.
And to delete that which comes to our human mind, no option has been given by Allah Pak to delete it.

Last Words

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