The Ultimate Guide To Made For Kids

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Today we will talk about the YouTube channel Made for Kids and Not Made for Kids. In 2020, there have been many changes in YouTube which we will discuss today.
The Ultimate Guide To Made For Kids
The Ultimate Guide To Made For Kids

What is Made for kids channel and YouTube Why are they against it?

As you know, the children's channel is Made for kids channel.
And youtube never wants kids to work on youtube

If you have written your age on YouTube channel under 18 years, then your channel will be Made for Kids.

And if your age is more than 18 years, then your channel will not be made for kids.
Actually, the YouTube network is very strict about this Made for kids chanal in today's era

YouTube Does Nothing Provide To Made for Kids Channel?

If you are born advocate then you will not get to see these futures in your channel

  1. You can not create a playlist on the channel 
  2. The comment box will not be shown on your channel 
  3. Searchable ads will not be shown on your channel 
  4. Ads related to your topic will be shown and you will not have any benefit
  5. Community tabe will not Enable on your channel
  6. If your complete channel is Made for Kids then your notification bell will not be Enable
  7. You will not be given the option of super chat 
  8. And you can't even add stories

Full guidelines Related to made for kids channel and not made for kids channel

If your age is more than 18 years and you are making content with children, then your channel will be Made for kids
If your complete channel is not made for kids half the videos are not made for kids and half the videos are Made for kids 
So the video not made for kids of your channel will not get these options

And YouTube also says that if YouTube makes a mistake  You can talk to us again if we convert the not Made for Kids channel to the Made for Kids channel. 
YouTube was making the mistake that Not Made for Kids was converting content to Made for kids 
After that, the problem was solved by giving feedback to YouTube.

Last words

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